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Myrrh & Tonka Fragrance Reed Diffuser 165ml

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Customer Reviews

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Long lasting and fresh

This is my absolute favourite. Not only does it looks stylish it leave my home smelling amazing.

Such a beautiful scent

I wish I could have it made into perfume!

mild but pleasant scent

this is a set of reed diffuser with a very nice gift packaging, it’s ready to send as a gift to someone who love to use reed diffuser

the product design is in all black, every items inside are in black colour, very consistent tone, a very luxurious feel

the bottle is very thick and heavy (500g), not so sure how much perfume in the bottle as i read through all product description and packaging, it didn’t mention the actual volume, i guess it’s around 100ml or less for the thickness and size of the bottle

i used it in a closed room of around 15 square meters, i couldn’t say it’s strong, i could hardly smell anything if not sitting next to it, probably myrrh and tonka are mild in their scent, but in fact the mixed up scent is very nice, i like it very much, i hope it’s strong enough so i don’t need to sniff it intentionally

all in all, i’m satisfied with this product

Eileen Boxall
Wonderful diffuser

Bought the myrrh and Tonka diffuser. Have to say completely hooked best diffuser ever!

Debra Casey
Relaxation & Rejuvenating

I have a number of the Myrrh & Tonka diffusers throughout my home as the therapeutic and relaxing scent create a calming atmosphere that my family and guests to enjoy.