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Article: How to Achieve the Classic French Parisian Kitchen Look in Your Home


How to Achieve the Classic French Parisian Kitchen Look in Your Home

By Alan George

Imagine stepping into a charming, light filled French Parisian kitchen that instantly transports you to the heart of France's culinary capital. The centerpiece of this delightful space is a large, antique wooden island, its weathered surface bearing the marks of countless meals prepared with love and passion. Surrounding the island, you'll find an array of classic French elements, from the gleaming, copper pots and pans hanging from a rack overhead to the rustic, open shelving lined with an assortment of mismatched, vintage dishes and glassware, all bathed in the warm, natural light streaming through the large, casement windows that offer a glimpse of the charming, Parisian street below, creating an inviting atmosphere that beckons you to roll up your sleeves and indulge in the art of French cooking. To help you on your journey consider these 25 unique elements that are typically found in a French Parisian kitchen, reflecting their timeless style and charm.


french kitchen

1. Classic Color Palette

Soft, neutral colors such as whites, creams, light grays, and pastels are foundational, with accents of black or navy to add depth and contrast. This palette creates a serene and inviting atmosphere characteristic of French Parisian kitchens.


a French Parisian kitchen cabinets makeover in classic white with glass panel doors for a refined feel

2. Crown Molding and Detailed Woodwork

Ornate woodwork and trim, including crown molding and intricately carved cabinet details, bring elegance and sophistication to the space, reflecting the rich architectural heritage of Paris.


a French Parisian kitchen decorating ideas with open shelving and chic Parisian decor items

3. Marble Countertops

White or lightly veined marble countertops are a hallmark of luxury, providing a durable and timeless surface that enhances the kitchen's aesthetic appeal.


a French Parisian kitchen islands designed for style and functionality, with built-in wine storage

4. Vintage Inspired Appliances

Retro or vintage-style appliances blend modern functionality with a nostalgic appearance, often featuring in white or pastel colors to complement the kitchen's color scheme.


a French Parisian kitchen planning layouts that optimize space and flow for efficient and elegant cooking areas

5. Farmhouse or Apron Front Sink

The large, ceramic farmhouse sink, with its practical design and exposed front, is both a functional necessity and a visually appealing element in the French Parisian kitchen.


a French Parisian kitchen table set in a cozy corner for intimate dining experiences

6. Open Shelving

Open shelving replaces upper cabinets to display dishes, glassware, and decorative items, contributing to a more spacious and airy feel in the kitchen.


a French Parisian kitchen window treatments that maximize natural light while adding a touch of French flair

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7. Glass Cabinet Doors

Cabinets with glass panels allow for the display of beautiful dishware, adding depth and interest to the kitchen's design.


French Parisian kitchen accessories displayed on a marble countertop, enhancing the kitchen's charm

8. Classic French Range

A high end, classic French range or cooktop is often the focal point of the kitchen, offering both exquisite design and professional performance.


French Parisian kitchen appliances that combine function and beauty, featuring a retro-style fridge

9. Parquet or Herringbone Flooring

Wood floors laid in parquet or herringbone patterns add warmth and historical charm, grounding the space with traditional elegance.


French Parisian kitchen backsplash ideas showcasing white subway tiles for a clean and timeless look

10. Subway Tile Backsplash

White subway tile is a favorite choice for backsplashes, offering a clean, timeless look that complements the kitchen's overall design.


French Parisian kitchen blending vintage charm with modern luxuries like high-end appliances and marble counters

11. Antique or Vintage Furniture

Incorporating antique or vintage furniture pieces, such as dining tables or chairs, lends character and a sense of history to the kitchen.


French Parisian kitchen chairs styled for elegance, with upholstered seats and ornate details

12. Elegant Lighting

Crystal chandeliers or vintage-inspired pendant lighting enhances the kitchen's ambiance, adding a layer of elegance and warmth.


French Parisian kitchen color schemes featuring soft pastels and bold navy accents for a chic look

13. Brass or Copper Accents

Hardware and fixtures in brass or copper introduce warmth and a touch of luxury, harmonizing with the kitchen's color palette and materials.


French Parisian kitchen countertops in luxurious marble, offering both beauty and durability

14. French Doors

French doors, when space permits, connect the kitchen to the outdoors or adjoining rooms, maximizing natural light and enhancing the sense of openness.


French Parisian kitchen decorative touches including wrought iron accents and linen textiles for a homely feel

15. Decorative Tiles

Patterned tiles used on the floor or as a backsplash introduce color and pattern, reflecting traditional French design sensibilities.


French Parisian kitchen design ideas with a modern twist, including sleek appliances and minimalist decor

16. Bistro Inspired Table and Chairs

A small, cafe style table and chairs set offers a casual dining space, evoking the charm of Parisian cafes and adding to the kitchen's functionality.


French Parisian kitchen design secrets showcasing elegant white marble countertops and classic cabinetry

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17. Pot Rack

A hanging pot rack for cookware is both a practical storage solution and a decorative element, showcasing beautiful copper pots and pans as part of the decor.


French Parisian kitchen flooring ideas to elevate your home with decorative tiles for an authentic Parisian feel

18. Wrought Iron Elements

Wrought iron details in furniture, lighting, or accessories add a classic French touch, contributing to the kitchen's historic ambiance.


French Parisian kitchen flooring with classic herringbone pattern wood floors for a touch of tradition

19. Herb Garden

A small indoor herb garden or potted herbs on the windowsill not only brings in greenery but is also practical for cooking, adding freshness and flavor to dishes.


French Parisian kitchen lighting solutions with a crystal chandelier adding warmth and elegance

20. Wine Storage

Built-in racks or a wine fridge for storing French wines emphasize the country's rich wine culture, making wine an integral part of the kitchen's design.


French Parisian kitchen makeover essentials with a focus on soft color palettes and natural light

21. Linen Textiles

Linen tablecloths, napkins, and kitchen towels in soft, natural tones add texture and a casual elegance, enhancing the kitchen's welcoming feel.


French Parisian kitchen modern updates with contemporary lighting fixtures and stainless steel appliances

22. Freestanding Cabinetry

Freestanding pieces like armoires or buffets are used for storage, reflecting the adaptability and charm of historic Parisian homes.


French Parisian kitchen renovation featuring a vintage-inspired range and brass fixtures for timeless elegance

23. Butcher Block Countertops

In certain areas, butcher block countertops provide a warm, workable surface that beautifully contrasts with marble, adding diversity to the kitchen's textures.


French Parisian kitchen renovation ideas on a budget with repurposed furniture and DIY decor touches

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24. Ornate Mirrors

A large, decorative mirror can make the kitchen feel larger and more open, adding an element of sophistication and reflecting light throughout the space.


French Parisian kitchen storage solutions using freestanding pieces for a flexible and stylish arrangement

25. Detailed Faucets and Sinks

Faucets and sinks with intricate designs and historic styles complement the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, often matching the cabinet hardware for a cohesive look.


French Parisian kitchen tips highlighting detailed woodwork and crown molding for sophisticated style

Dive deeper into the world of interior design. Each of these elements contributes to the warmth, elegance, and timeless appeal of a French Parisian kitchen, blending the best of traditional and modern styles.

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