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Article: 32 Original Art Deco Hallway Design Ideas You Need To Know


32 Original Art Deco Hallway Design Ideas You Need To Know

By Alan George


Imagine stepping into your hallway and being greeted by bold geometric patterns, sunlight dancing off mirrored surfaces, and the luxurious touch of velvet underfoot. Picture yourself being transported to the roaring '20s, where elegance meets modernity, and every detail sings in harmony. The Art Deco design style, known for its luxurious details, geometric shapes, and bold use of color and material, was prevalent in the 1920s and 1930s, offering a rich source of inspiration. Here are 32 unique elements that could make up an Art Deco hallway.


art deco hallway

1. Geometric Patterns

Use in wallpaper, tile designs, or floor patterns for a striking visual impact.


a Colorful Art Deco hallway featuring stained glass windows and abstract art pieces

2. Bold Colors

Vibrant and contrasting color schemes that make a statement.


a Luxurious Art Deco hallway with terrazzo flooring and black & white tile design

3. Sunburst Motifs

In mirrors, lighting, or decorative elements, symbolizing energy and dynamism.


a Themed Art Deco hallway with Egyptian motifs and intriguing zigzag patterns

4. Chrome Details

On door handles, lighting fixtures, and rails for a sleek, modern look.


a Warmly lit Art Deco hallway with layered lighting fixtures and frosted glass elements

5. Mirrored Surfaces

Large, decorative mirrors that add depth and reflect light throughout the space.


Art Deco hallway accented with metallic finishes and exotic wood inlays

6. Glass Blocks

Used in walls or windows to allow light while maintaining privacy.


Art Deco hallway blending modern technology with classic design elements

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7. Terrazzo Flooring

Colorful flooring with chips of marble or quartz for a luxurious finish.


Art Deco hallway featuring sunburst motifs on decorative mirrors and chrome details

8. Sleek Lines

Found in furniture design, architecture, and decoration for a streamlined look.


Art Deco hallway showcasing bold doorways and palm leaf motif wallpaper

9. Black & White Flooring

High-contrast tile designs that offer a classic and timeless elegance.


Art Deco hallway with geometric patterned wallpaper and bold color accents

10. Velvet Textiles

For curtains or upholstery, adding a layer of luxury and texture.


Bright Art Deco hallway with frosted glass lighting and metallic accents

11. Metallic Accents

Gold, silver, or brass elements that add sparkle and sophistication.


Charming Art Deco hallway with luxurious details and timeless decorative patterns

12. Wood Inlays

Detailed woodwork in doors or furniture, often using exotic woods for added elegance.


Classic Art Deco hallway with sunburst mirror and contrasting floor tiles

13. Zigzag Patterns

On walls, textiles, or art, adding dynamic movement and interest.


Cozy Art Deco hallway with oriental rugs and linear wall sconces for symmetry

14. Step Design

In molding, furniture, or door frames, reflecting progressive and layered motifs.


Discovering Art Deco hallway with unique flooring and distinctive wall decor

15. Frosted Glass

Used in lighting or door panels to diffuse light and add a decorative touch.


Dynamic Art Deco hallway with chrome finishes and sleek, modern furniture

16. Ornate Ceilings

With plaster reliefs or decorative painting for an opulent overhead view.


Elegant Art Deco hallway with mirrored surfaces reflecting glass block windows

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17. Streamlined Furniture

Reflecting speed and fluidity with smooth lines and functional design.


Essential Art Deco hallway creating a cohesive vintage look with classic elements

18. Egyptian Influences

Motifs and symbols inspired by the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, adding an exotic allure.


Exotic Art Deco hallway with palm leaf designs and luxurious oriental rugs

19. Stained Glass

In windows or doors, featuring Art Deco designs for color and pattern.


Glamorous Art Deco hallway with brass railings and fluted glass door panels

20. Layered Lighting

A combination of ceiling lights, wall lights, and lamps to create ambiance.


Guide to Art Deco hallway with 1920s classic design elements for timeless appeal

21. Sculptural Elements

Decorative objects or furniture details that serve as focal points.


Highlighted Art Deco hallway with iconic designs and captivating decorative elements

22. Marble Accents

For floors, walls, or tabletops, offering a cool, refined elegance.


Illuminated Art Deco hallway with linear sconces and decorative Art Deco fonts

23. Leather Details

On doors or in furniture for a rich, tactile experience.


Innovative Art Deco hallway seamlessly integrating modern amenities with classic style

24. Brass Railings

Elegant and functional, adding warmth and a golden sheen.


Inviting Art Deco hallway with streamlined furniture and Egyptian influence decor

25. Fluted Glass

For doors or cabinets, providing a textured visual interest.


Opulent Art Deco hallway with sleek lines in furniture and velvet textile curtains

26. Abstract Art

Framed pieces that complement the overall design with modernist appeal.


Reflective Art Deco hallway with mirrored accents and light-enhancing glass blocks

27. Palm Leaf Motifs

In wallpaper or textiles, introducing a touch of the tropics.


Signature Art Deco hallway with elegant doorways and stylish mirror ideas

28. Bold Doorways

With distinctive frames or colors, setting the tone for the interior design.


Sophisticated Art Deco hallway with marble accents and leather detailed furniture

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29. Oriental Rugs

Adding warmth, color, and pattern to the floor.


Timelessly elegant Art Deco hallway with ornate ceilings and sculptural elements

30. Linear Wall Sconces

Providing symmetrical lighting and enhancing the geometric decor.


Transformed Art Deco hallway combining bold colors with geometric elegance

31. Art Deco Fonts

In signage or decorative elements, reflecting the era's typographic style.


Vibrant Art Deco hallway decorated with zigzag patterns and step-designed moldings

32. Integrated Technology

Sleekly designed modern amenities that blend seamlessly with the Art Deco aesthetic.


Welcoming Art Deco hallway with vibrant colors and layered lighting ambiance

These elements together create a cohesive Art Deco hallway that's rich in detail, luxury, and historical elegance, reflecting the opulence and modernity of the 1920s and 1930s.

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