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Article: 37 Retro 70s Dining Room Design Ideas Which Captivate

Dining Room

37 Retro 70s Dining Room Design Ideas Which Captivate

By Alan George


Every now and then, I catch myself daydreaming about those iconic 70s vibes - the era that redefined cool with its bold colors, plush shag rugs, and the kind of charm that just begs you to throw a fondue party. And guess what? I've been on a bit of a mission lately, diving deep into the heart of 70s dining room designs. It's like a treasure hunt, uncovering the secrets that made that era so unforgettable. From teak wood wonders to velvet dreams, I've gathered every gem just for you! Creating a 70s dining room involves blending various elements that encapsulate the era's distinctive style, characterized by bold patterns, vibrant colors, and a mix of textures and materials. Here are 37 unique elements that could make up a 70s inspired dining room, reflecting the period's interior design trends.


1. Teak Wood Furniture

Teak was a popular material for dining tables and chairs.


a 70s dining room masterpiece using pop art for wall decor

2. Velvet Upholstery

Chairs and benches in rich velvet colors.


a 70s dining room magic featuring Op Art decor

3. Tulip Table and Chairs

Iconic 70s furniture design by Eero Saarinen.


a 70s dining room impression with flock wallpaper

4. Shag Rugs

Thick, plush rugs in vibrant or earthy tones.


a 70s dining room harmony with a collection of indoor plants

5. Wall to Wall Carpeting

Often in bold colors or patterns.


a 70s dining room glow from beam ceilings and ornate candle holders

6. Psychedelic Wallpaper

Wallpapers with bold, swirling patterns.


a 70s dining room flair with a glass dining table and molded plastic chairs

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7. Lava Lamps

As decorative tabletop lighting.


a 70s dining room classic look with earth tone decor

8. Geometric Patterns

On everything from wallpaper to tablecloths.


70s dining room wonder with a mix of vintage and modern elements

9. Sunken Living Spaces

Though not specific to dining rooms, the open-plan might blend into a sunken living area.


70s dining room vision with mix and match seating arrangements

10. Macramé Wall Hangings

For texture and wall decor.


70s dining room trend with a lava lamp on a sideboard

11. Terrazzo Flooring

Speckled flooring material, often used in kitchens and dining areas.


70s dining room transformation featuring modular furniture

12. Track Lighting

Adjustable ceiling lights, a modern touch in the 70s.


70s dining room theme showcasing psychedelic wallpaper

13. Sputnik Chandelier

Space-age inspired light fixtures.


70s dining room style featuring a classic tulip table and shag rug

14. Chrome Accents

On furniture legs, lighting fixtures, and decor.


70s dining room splendor featuring brick wall accents

15. Earth Tones

Avocado green, harvest gold, and burnt orange in everything from paint to upholstery.


70s dining room spirit through built-in seating

16. Pop Art

Bold, colorful artwork as focal points.


70s dining room scheme with track lighting overhead

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17. Modular Furniture

Pieces that could be rearranged for different uses or looks.


70s dining room revival with a sunken living space adjacent

18. Flock Wallpaper

Textured, patterned wallpaper with a velvety finish.


70s dining room reflection with dark wood paneling

19. Statement Mirrors

Large, often ornate or uniquely shaped mirrors.


70s dining room panache highlighted by a stylish bar cart

20. Glass Dining Tables

With metal or wooden bases.


70s dining room motif with floating shelves for decor

21. Molded Plastic Chairs

In bright colors or clear versions.


70s dining room makeover with wall-to-wall retro carpeting

22. Wicker and Rattan Furniture

For a more casual or bohemian vibe.


70s dining room legacy with a classic earth-toned shag rug

23. Pendant Lights

Glass or metal pendant lighting over the dining table.


70s dining room journey displayed by ceramic tile tabletops

24. Floating Shelves

For displaying decor or keeping essentials handy.


70s dining room innovation with a Sputnik chandelier centerpiece

25. Bar Carts

A must-have for entertaining, often in chrome or wood.


70s dining room idea highlighted by geometric pattern curtains

26. Mix and Match Seating

A combination of different chairs or benches.


70s dining room highlight including chrome accent furniture

27. Patterned Curtains

Bold prints or earth-toned fabrics.


70s dining room essential featuring terrazzo flooring

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28. Brick Walls

Exposed brick or faux brick wallpaper.


70s dining room essence captured by colorful dishware

29. Wood Paneling

Dark wood panels for a cozy, cabin-like feel.


70s dining room enchantment created by unique 70s decor items

30. Beam Ceilings

Exposed beams, often painted or left natural.


70s dining room elegance through pendant lights

31. Ornate Candle Holders

For mood lighting during meals.


70s dining room decor with teak wood table and velvet chairs

32. Colorful Dishware

Bright and often mismatched plates and cups.


70s dining room charm with wicker and rattan furniture

33. Metallic Wallpaper

Reflective, textured wallpaper for a bit of glam.


70s dining room brilliance using patterned curtains for a pop of color

34. Built in Seating

Benches or booths that are part of the room's architecture.


70s dining room ambiance created by statement mirrors

35. Ceramic Tile Tabletops

Colorful, often handmade tiles.


70s dining room allure with metallic wallpaper

36. Plants

Large indoor plants or hanging planters for a touch of green.


70s dining room aesthetic with macramé wall hangings

37. Op Art (Optical Art)

Art pieces that create optical illusions, adding to the room's dynamic feel.


70s dining room adventure with a vibrant retro color palette

Craving more inspiration? For endless design creativity head to our interior design blog.

These elements, whether used together or selectively, can help create a dining space that reflects the eclectic and vibrant spirit of the 1970s.