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About Edward George London

Edward George London is an interior design publication & lifestyle brand that presents stunning homes, guides, design styles and household items, offering inspiration and assistance in creating a more beautiful home.


Alan George Edward Mehmet

Founder & Publisher

Alan launched Edward George London in 2017. Since completing his masters in Town & Regional Planning (MPlan) he has combined the skills he learned at the University of Sheffield with his passion for design, to help create a foundation for those looking to create a beautiful home.



The name Edward George comes from Alan's heritage, with his grandfather and great grandfather both having the middle names Edward George and their multidisciplinary passion for design, Edward George was born. 


I received some Lego and was obsessed with building anything and everything.


The first addition to my portfolio, a Mediterranean villa for my GCSE's.


For my A Levels I made a ski chalet and the teacher would not let me take it home as she wanted it displayed in the front of the school.


I attained my masters in Town & Regional Planning ( MPlan). It was at university where I realised that design and architecture were my true passions.


I started The Honest Label, my 5th attempt at business, a home fragrance brand, which I later changed to Edward George London after being threatened by Jessica Albas lawyers. A move which connected me with my heritage.


Preparing free wax melt samples for my customers in my parents kitchen. Sorry mum & dad.


I needed to move out of my parents kitchen, so I went for it and got a year lease for studio in north London.


The late nights and early mornings in my own space were amazing. I hunkered down and learned that manufacturing everything myself made it impossible for me to scale.


After some reflection on the direction of the business I decided to create a blog (with the help of Rupert) about interior design to connect with more people in the design space.

Reach out to me below or at with any questions you have on interior design or if you need help creating your ideal home.