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Article: Uncovering the Hidden Gems of 70s Kitchen Design


Uncovering the Hidden Gems of 70s Kitchen Design

By Alan George


I've been diving deep into the world of kitchen design (yes, with my detective hat on), and guess what? I stumbled upon something spectacular, something so groovy that I just had to share it with you! Imagine stepping into a kitchen where avocado green appliances shine brighter than the summer sun, where bold wallpapers speak the language of the free spirited 70s, and where Formica countertops are the canvas for family feasts. Here's are 20 key aspects that reflect the quintessential 70s kitchen


1. Avocado Green Appliances

A hallmark of the 70s kitchen, avocado green was a popular color for refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, symbolizing the era's love for earth tones.


70s kitchen with avocado green appliances and harvest gold accents

2. Harvest Gold Accents

Alongside avocado green, harvest gold was another defining color of the 70s, used in appliances, textiles, and kitchen decor to add a warm, sunny vibe.


a Whimsical 70s kitchen adorned with mushroom motif decor

3. Wood Paneling

Wood paneling on walls or as cabinetry accents brought warmth and a rustic, cozy feel to the kitchen, reflecting the era's appreciation for natural materials.


Charming 70s kitchen with vibrant tiles and backsplash designs

4. Bold Wallpaper

Kitchens of the 70s often featured walls adorned with geometric or floral patterns in vibrant colors, creating lively and dynamic spaces.


Chic 70s kitchen illuminated by unique pendant lights

5. Linoleum Flooring

Durable and easy to clean, linoleum flooring came in a variety of patterns and colors, including bold and psychedelic designs, characteristic of the 70s aesthetic.


Classic 70s kitchen with linoleum flooring in bright patterns

6. Formica Countertops

Laminate countertops in bright colors or distinctive patterns, including faux wood and stone finishes, were a practical and stylish choice in 70s kitchens.


Contemporary 70s kitchen with mixed material countertops

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7. Open Shelving

This design feature was employed to display colorful dishware or kitchen accessories, adding a personal and decorative touch to the space.


Cozy 70s kitchen with terra cotta tile backsplash

8. Pendant Lights

Unique glass or metal pendant lighting often featured in 70s kitchens, providing both illumination and a statement design element.


Eclectic 70s kitchen with macrame plant hangers and greenery

9. Psychedelic Patterns

Reflecting the late 60s influence, psychedelic patterns in fabrics and wallpaper brought bold, imaginative visuals into the kitchen.


Elegant 70s kitchen with drop ceilings and recessed lighting

10. Terra Cotta Tiles

Used for flooring or backsplashes, terra cotta tiles added an earthy, natural element to the kitchen's design palette.


Funky 70s kitchen featuring a small, colorful shag rug

11. Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Chairs or decorative items made from wicker or rattan introduced texture and a casual, laid-back atmosphere into the kitchen.


Groovy 70s kitchen decorated with psychedelic patterns

12. Chrome and Stainless Steel Accents

These materials were used for hardware and appliances, adding sleek, modern touches to contrast the era's predominant earth tones.


Innovative 70s kitchen design with sunken space concept

13. Shag Rugs

Small, colorful shag rugs or those in earth tones added comfort and a pop of texture to the kitchen floor.


Nostalgic 70s kitchen renovation showcasing modern and retro fusion

14. Macrame Plant Hangers

Hanging greenery in macrame plant holders was a popular way to incorporate plants like spider plants into the kitchen, adding life and color.


Playful 70s kitchen with colorful small appliances

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15. Mushroom Motifs

Decorative items, including canisters and wall art featuring mushroom designs, were quirky and whimsical additions to the 70s kitchen.


Quaint 70s kitchen with wicker and rattan furniture accents

16. Brickwork

Exposed brick walls or backsplashes introduced texture and a touch of industrial charm to the kitchen, adding depth and interest.


Retro 70s kitchen featuring bold wallpaper and wood paneling

17. Sunken Spaces

While more common in living areas, the open space concept sometimes extended to the kitchen, with sunken designs offering a unique architectural feature.


Rustic 70s kitchen with exposed brickwork elements

18. Mixed Material Countertops

Countertops might combine different materials, such as laminate with sections of butcher block, adding variety and functionality to the workspace.


Sleek 70s kitchen with chrome and stainless steel finishes

19. Drop Ceilings with Recessed Lighting

This architectural feature allowed for mood lighting or the highlighting of specific areas within the kitchen, contributing to the ambiance.


Stylish 70s kitchen with open shelving and decorative dishware

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20. Colorful Small Appliances

Toasters, mixers, and other small appliances in bright colors offered a way to contrast or complement the kitchen's overall decor, adding a fun and personal touch.


Vintage 70s kitchen showcasing Formica countertops in vibrant colors

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These elements combined create the nostalgic, vibrant, and eclectic look that defines a 70s kitchen, reflecting the era's enthusiasm for color, innovative materials, and a mix of textures and patterns.