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Article: 38 Important Art Deco Dining Room Design Ideas You Need To Know

Dining Room

38 Important Art Deco Dining Room Design Ideas You Need To Know

By Alan George


Imagine this, your kitchen, transformed into a dazzling display of Art Deco elegance, where every corner whispers tales of glamour and functionality. Picture sleek lines, bold colors, and that unmistakable sparkle of chrome. It's not just a kitchen; it's a masterpiece that stands at the intersection of luxury and practicality. Art Deco, known for its luxurious and detailed designs, features a blend of modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. Here are 38 unique elements that can make up an Art Deco dining room.


art deco dining room.png

1. Geometric Patterns

Wallpapers, rugs, or ceiling details often showcase geometric patterns.


Art Deco Chevron patterned accents in an Art Deco inspired dining space

2. Bold color Schemes

Contrasting color and bold hues like black, gold, and jewel tones.


Art Deco dining room rug featuring geometric or abstract patterns

3. Symmetry

Furniture and decor are arranged symmetrically for a balanced look.


Art Deco dining room with angular shapes and sharp line decor

4. Metallic Finishes

Gold, silver, chrome, and brass finishes on lighting, furniture, and accessories.


Art Deco dining room with geometric patterns and vibrant color palette

5. Sunburst Motifs

Common in mirrors, wall art, and decor items.


Art Deco Egyptian influences seen in Art Deco dining room ornaments

6. Mirrored Surfaces

Furniture pieces and accessories with mirrored finishes.


Art Deco Glass block windows adding a vintage touch to an Art Deco dining room

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7. Lacquered Furniture

High gloss finishes on tables, cabinets, and chairs.


Art Deco Pendant lights with Art Deco flair above the dining table

8. Velvet Upholstery

Dining chairs and draperies often feature luxurious velvet.


Art Deco Sculptural elements as focal points in an Art Deco dining setting

9. Streamlined Furniture

Sleek, streamlined shapes in tables and chairs.


Art Deco Symmetrical Art Deco dining setup with balanced furniture arrangement

10. Marble Accents

Marble tabletops, flooring, or decorative pieces.


Backlit elements creating a soft glow in an Art Deco dining room

11. Angular Shapes

Angular and sharp lines in furniture and decor.


Bold graphic art adding a modern twist to an Art Deco dining room

12. Tiered Structures

Chandeliers and furniture with tiered designs.


Bold, large-scale art pieces decorating an Art Deco dining wall

13. Exotic Woods

Use of rich, exotic woods like ebony and mahogany.


Chrome detailed furniture adding shine to an Art Deco dining room

14. Inlaid Wood Designs

Intricate inlaid wood patterns on tables and cabinets.


Custom cabinetry with Art Deco motifs storing dining essentials

15. Frosted Glass

Lighting and glassware with frosted or etched designs.


Decorative panels with intricate designs in an Art Deco dining area

16. Stained Glass

Stained glass in windows or cabinet doors.


Elegant Art Deco dining room featuring bold black, gold, and jewel tones

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17. Art Deco Rugs

Rugs with geometric or abstract patterns.


Exquisite marble tabletop in an opulent Art Deco dining room

18. Fluted Details

Fluted glass or wood details on furniture and lighting.


Fluted glass details on lighting in a chic Art Deco dining room

19. Chevron Patterns

Chevron patterns in flooring, textiles, or wall treatments.


Frosted glass lighting fixtures enhancing an Art Deco dining ambiance

20. Ornate Ceiling Designs

Decorative plasterwork or moulding on ceilings.


Glamorous Art Deco dining room lighting with dramatic chandeliers

21. Large Scale Art

Bold, large scale art pieces that make a statement.


Iconic sunburst motif mirrored in Art Deco dining room design

22. Chrome Details

Chrome hardware on furniture and lighting fixtures.


Intricate inlaid wood designs on an Art Deco style dining cabinet

23. Sculptural Elements

Sculptural art pieces or furniture with a sculptural quality.


Luxurious Art Deco dining space with metallic finishes on fixtures and decor

24. Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo floors with chips of marble or glass.


Luxury tableware set on an Art Deco style dining table

25. Backlit Elements

Backlit shelves or panels to add a soft glow.


Ornate ceiling designs with plasterwork in a 1920s Art Deco dining room

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26. Glamorous Lighting

Dramatic lighting fixtures, including chandeliers and sconces.


Oversized mirrors with Art Deco frames enhancing dining room depth

27. Zigzag Patterns

Zigzag designs in textiles, tile work, or wall art.


Plush velvet upholstered chairs in a glamorous Art Deco dining setting

28. Animal Prints

Subtle use of animal prints in upholstery or rugs.


Rich, exotic wood finishes in a classic Art Deco dining room design

29. Egyptian Influences

Motifs and symbols inspired by ancient Egypt.


Seamlessly integrated technology in a stylish Art Deco dining setup

30. Pendant Lights

Art Deco style pendant lights over the dining table.


Sleek lacquered dining table and chairs in a modern Art Deco room

31. Glass Blocks

Use of glass blocks in partitions or windows.


Sophisticated Art Deco dining area with mirrored furniture pieces

32. Oversized Mirrors

Large mirrors with distinctive Art Deco frames.


Stained glass cabinet doors in a traditional Art Deco dining area

33. Decorative Panels

Wall panels with intricate designs or materials.


Statement door handles as decorative accents in an Art Deco dining room

34. Luxury Tableware

Elegant, Art Deco-inspired tableware and glassware.


Streamlined Art Deco dining furniture with sleek, clean lines

35. Bold Graphic Art

Artwork featuring bold, abstract, or geometric designs.


Subtle animal prints adding depth to an Art Deco dining room decor

36. Integrated Technology

Modern technology integrated seamlessly with the decor.


Terrazzo flooring bringing a unique texture to an Art Deco dining area

37. Custom Cabinetry

Custom-built cabinets with Art Deco motifs and hardware.


Tiered chandelier adding drama to an Art Deco dining room setting

38. Statement Door Handles

Ornate or geometrically shaped door handles.


Zigzag patterns enriching textiles in an Art Deco dining environment

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Each of these elements contributes to the opulence and sophistication characteristic of Art Deco design, blending historical influences with modernity to create a timeless appeal.

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