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Article: 38 Vibrant Moroccan Dining Room Styles That Showcase Passion

Dining Room

38 Vibrant Moroccan Dining Room Styles That Showcase Passion

By Alan George


Imagine stepping into a dining room that transports you to the vibrant and enchanting land of Morocco, where every detail tells a story of rich culture and timeless beauty. Picture yourself surrounded by the warmth of intricate tile work, the soft glow of lanterns, and the inviting aroma of exotic spices, as you gather around a beautifully crafted table with your loved ones. Join me, your design loving friend, as we embark on a journey to create a Moroccan inspired dining room that will make every meal feel like a magical escape to a far off land, filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories.

1. Colorful Mosaic Tiles (Zellige)

Traditional Moroccan tiles featuring intricate geometric patterns, often used for walls, floors, or tabletops.


a Creative Moroccan dining room with henna-inspired art on the walls

2. Rich, Warm Colors

Deep reds, oranges, blues, and golds that reflect the Moroccan landscape and culture.


Artistic Moroccan dining room decorated with hand-painted ceramic plates

3. Ornate Metal Lanterns

Intricately designed metal lanterns, often with colored glass, that cast beautiful patterns of light. 


Authentic Moroccan dining room styled with traditional Boujad rugs

4. Boujad Rugs

Handwoven rugs with unique patterns and vibrant colors, typically made of wool. 


Casual Moroccan dining room furnished with versatile Moroccan poufs

5. Low Seating

Floor cushions and low sofas for a casual, relaxed dining atmosphere. 


Comfortable Moroccan dining room with low seating and plush floor cushions

6. Carved Wooden Tables

 Wooden tables intricately carved with traditional Moroccan patterns.


Cozy Moroccan dining room arranged in Majlis style seating for family gatherings

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7. Majlis Style Seating

A traditional Moroccan seating arrangement that involves plush cushions and low sofas around the perimeter of the room. 


Dramatic Moroccan dining room illuminated by a large Moroccan chandelier

8. Tadelakt Walls

Smooth, waterproof plaster walls in warm tones, originating from ancient Moroccan architecture. 


Elegant Moroccan dining room showcasing carved wooden tables

9. Berber Pillows

Decorative pillows made from the same material as Berber rugs, adding texture and color.


Exotic Moroccan dining room featuring ornate metal lanterns for soft lighting 

10. Brass Tray Tables

Portable, ornate brass trays often used as tabletops in Moroccan decor. 


Handcrafted Fes pottery adorning a Moroccan dining room table

11. Hand painted Ceramic Plates

 Decorative plates with intricate designs, used for both serving and decoration.


Luxe Moroccan dining room with agate and marble accents for sophistication

12. Terracotta Dishes

Rustic, earth toned dishes that complement the Moroccan aesthetic. 


Luxurious Moroccan dining room adorned with soft, plush Beni Ourain rugs

13. Beni Ourain Rugs

 High quality, hand knotted wool rugs with distinctive geometric patterns.


Moroccan dining room accented with unique mudcloth throws for texture

14. Arched Doorways

Doorways with a characteristic arch shape, reflecting Islamic architectural influence.


Moroccan dining room boasting copper accents for a warm glow

15. Moroccan Poufs

Leather or fabric poufs, often used as seating or footrests. 


Moroccan dining room centerpiece/ a ceramic tagine for traditional meals

16. Intricate Ceiling Designs

 Wooden or plaster ceilings with detailed carvings or patterns.


Moroccan dining room decorated with palm tree motifs for a natural touch

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17. Hanging Metalwork

Decorative metal pieces, such as mirrors or wall art, featuring intricate cut-out designs. 


Moroccan dining room detailed with silk tassels and trimmings for elegance

18. Babouche Slippers

Traditional Moroccan slippers, often placed at the dining room entrance for guests. 


Moroccan dining room enhanced with hanging metalwork decorations

19. Moroccan Tea Set

Silver or metal tea pots and glasses used for serving traditional mint tea.


Moroccan dining room featuring colorful Boucherouite art pieces for vibrancy

20. Jali Screens

Lattice wood or metal screens used for privacy or decoration, allowing light to filter through in beautiful patterns.


Moroccan dining room featuring lantern sconces for ambient wall lighting

21. Kilim Fabric for Upholstery

Textiles with geometric patterns used for upholstering chairs or cushions. 


Moroccan dining room with arched doorways reflecting Islamic architectural influence

22. Moroccan Chandeliers

Large, ornate lighting fixtures that serve as a room's centerpiece.


Moroccan dining room with chairs upholstered in vibrant Kilim fabric

23. Mudcloth Throws

Textured, patterned cloths used as decorative accents. 


Moroccan dining room with colorful mosaic tiles adding vibrant patterns

24. Lantern Sconces

Wall mounted lanterns that provide ambient lighting. 


Moroccan dining room with hand-carved wooden screens as focal points

25. Hand carved Wooden Screens

Decorative panels used as room dividers or wall decor.


Moroccan dining room with intricate ceiling designs for a grand atmosphere

26. Cedar Wood Furniture

Durable, aromatic wood commonly used in Moroccan furniture making. 


Moroccan dining room with natural light and raffia baskets for storage

27. Moroccan Tagines

Ceramic or clay cooking vessels, often used as table centerpieces. 


Moroccan dining room with saffron and paprika accents for spice-inspired decor

28. Saffron and Paprika Accents

Colors inspired by these spices, used in textiles and wall color. 


Moroccan dining room with tables set using embroidered linens

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29. Fes Pottery

Handmade pottery from Fes, known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors. 


Moroccan dining room with Tadelakt walls for a smooth, waterproof finish

30. Embroidered Linens

Tablecloths and napkins with detailed embroidery. 


Private Moroccan dining room separated by decorative Jali screens

31. Raffia Baskets

Woven baskets for bread or fruit, adding a rustic touch.


Reflective Moroccan dining room with ornately framed Moroccan mirrors

32. Moroccan Mirrors

Often framed with metal or wood, featuring arched or geometric shapes.


Rustic Moroccan dining room featuring terracotta dishes on the table

33. Silk Tassels and Trimmings

Decorative accents on curtains, cushions, or lampshades. 


Sturdy and aromatic cedar wood furniture in a Moroccan dining room

34. Copper Accents

Copper pots, pans, or decorative pieces that add warmth and shine.


Traditional Moroccan dining room equipped with a silver Moroccan tea set

35. Henna inspired Art

Wall art or fabric patterns inspired by henna tattoo designs. 


Traditional Moroccan dining room set with brass tray tables for tea service

36. Boucherouite Art Pieces

Art made from recycled textiles, showcasing vibrant colors and patterns.


Vibrant Moroccan dining room accented with colorful Berber pillows

37. Agate and Marble Accents

Natural stone used in tabletops or decorative items for a touch of luxury. 


Warm and inviting Moroccan dining room with rich, warm color palette

38. Palm Tree Motifs

Represented in art, textiles, or even live plants, adding a natural element reminiscent of the Moroccan landscape.


Welcoming Moroccan dining room displaying Babouche slippers for guests

More tips, trends, and transformations await you at our interior design blog. These elements, when combined, create a visually rich and culturally immersive Moroccan dining room experience, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities for a unique and inviting space.

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