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Article: 38 Contemporary Art Deco Bedroom Design Ideas


38 Contemporary Art Deco Bedroom Design Ideas

By Alan George


Have you ever imagined stepping into your bedroom and feeling like you've traveled back to the glamorous Art Deco era? Well, I've been diving deep into the world of Art Deco bedrooms, and let me tell you, it's absolutely fascinating! Picture this, bold geometric patterns dancing on your walls, vibrant colors that add a dash of drama, and sleek furniture that screams elegance. And oh, those iconic sunburst motifs! They're like a little piece of the roaring twenties, right in your cozy haven. To create an Art Deco bedroom, there are several key elements to consider.


Art Deco bedroom designs reviving the charm of the golden era

1. Geometric Pattern

Common in Art Deco design, these patterns can be found in wallpaper, textiles, and artwork.


Angular mirrors adding a geometric touch to an Art Deco bedroom

2. Bold Colors

Rich colors and vibrant hues, such as deep reds, greens, blues, and yellows, are often used to create a striking ambiance.


Art Deco bedroom adorned with luxurious velvet drapery in rich colors

3. Metallic Accents

Gold, silver, chrome, and brass are commonly used for fixtures, frames, and decorative items, adding a touch of luxury.


Art Deco bedroom blending modern and classic styles for a timeless design

4. Sunburst Motifs

This design can be seen in mirrors, bed headboards, and decorative pieces, adding a sense of radiance and style.


Art Deco bedroom combining contrasting textures for a dynamic look

5. Mirrored Furniture

Pieces like dressing tables and nightstands often feature mirrored surfaces, enhancing the overall glamour.


Art Deco bedroom featuring chrome handles and hardware on furniture

6. Luxurious Fabrics

Silk, velvet, and leather are frequently used in upholstery and bedding, elevating comfort and opulence.


Art Deco bedroom featuring subtle animal prints for an exotic touch

7. Symmetry

Balanced and symmetrical arrangements of furniture and decor are a hallmark of this style, creating a sense of harmony.


Art Deco bedroom highlighting exotic wood furniture with rich, dark tones

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8. Streamlined Furniture

Sleek, smooth lines with minimal ornamentation characterize Art Deco furniture, offering a contemporary look.


Art Deco bedroom inspired by Egyptian influences and ancient motifs

9. Exotic Woods

The use of rich woods like ebony, walnut, and mahogany in furniture adds warmth and sophistication.


Art Deco bedroom showcasing bold geometric patterns and vibrant color palette

10. Lacquer and Inlay Work

High gloss finishes and intricate inlay work in furniture contribute to the overall luxurious aesthetic.


Art Deco bedroom with a starburst clock as a classic timepiece

11. Art Deco Lighting

Lighting fixtures often feature geometric shapes and are made of glass and chrome, enhancing the ambiance.


Art Deco bedroom with curved lines softening the overall design

12. Large Scale Art

Bold and large scale art pieces, often with geometric or nature-inspired motifs, make a statement.


Art Deco bedroom with Hollywood glamour influences for a luxe look

13. Step Designs

Seen in detailing on furniture, textiles, and architectural elements, adding depth and interest.


Art Deco bedroom with large-scale, dramatic wall art and bold designs

14. Glass and Chrome Decorative Elements

Vases, lamps, and decorative objects often feature these materials, adding a touch of sophistication.


Art Deco bedroom with sculptural lighting elements and artistic flair

15. Contrasting Textures

Combining different materials like glass, wood, and metal creates visual interest.


Art Deco bedroom with tiered structures in furniture and accent pieces

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16. Zigzag Patterns

Common in textiles and wall treatments, adding dynamic visual appeal.


Art Deco bedroom with vintage or reproduction posters for a retro feel

17. Tiered Structures

In furniture design and decorative items, lending a sense of depth and complexity.


Black and white tiled flooring in a sophisticated Art Deco bedroom

18. Black and White Tiling

Often used in flooring, offering a classic Art Deco touch.


Chic Art Deco bedroom with high-gloss lacquer and intricate inlay work

19. Egyptian Influences

Motifs and imagery inspired by ancient Egyptian art add a touch of exoticism and history.


Classic Art Deco bedroom featuring iconic sunburst motifs in decor

20. Futuristic Elements

Influences from the modernism and futurism movements infuse a sense of forward-looking style.


Elegant Art Deco bedroom with luxurious gold and silver metallic accents

21. Animal Prints

Used sparingly in rugs or upholstery for a touch of wild elegance.


Fluted or grooved detailing adding depth to Art Deco bedroom furniture

22. High Gloss Paint

On walls or furniture for a sleek and polished look.


Frosted glass elements in lighting and decor of an Art Deco bedroom

23. Velvet Drapery

Luxurious and often in bold colors, adding a sense of opulence.


Futuristic styled Art Deco bedroom with modernist design elements

24. Angular Mirrors

Mirrors with distinctive, often geometric shapes, enhancing the Art Deco aesthetic.


Gatsby-style glamour showcased in the accessories of an Art Deco bedroom

25. Vintage or Reproduction Art Deco Posters

As wall art, adding a sense of nostalgia and style.


High gloss painted walls in a sleek and modern Art Deco bedroom

26. Chrome Handles and Hardware

On doors and furniture, contributing to the overall modern look.


Linear patterns accentuating the walls of a chic Art Deco bedroom

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27. Sculptural Elements

In lighting or as standalone art pieces, creating focal points in the room.


Luxurious Art Deco bedroom with glass and chrome decorative elements

28. Terrazzo Flooring

Speckled composite material often used in flooring for a unique and stylish touch.


Minimalist Art Deco bedroom with streamlined furniture and clean lines

29. Starburst Clocks

A popular wall clock design in the Art Deco era, adding a retro feel.


Mosaic tiling as a decorative feature in an Art Deco bedroom

30. Fluted or Grooved Detailing

On walls or furniture surfaces, adding texture and interest.


Opulent Art Deco bedroom with mirrored furniture and sleek design

31. Oriental Rugs

Often used to add warmth and color, with intricate patterns.


Oriental rugs adding warmth and color to an Art Deco bedroom setting

32. Hollywood Glamour Elements

Mirroring the opulence of the golden age of Hollywood with accessories and decor.


Plush Art Deco bedroom with rich velvet fabrics and sophisticated textures

33. Frosted Glass

In lighting or as decorative elements, diffusing light for a soft, elegant atmosphere.


Potted palms and tropical plants adding a natural element to an Art Deco bedroom

34. Linear Patterns

In wall designs or textiles, adding a sense of order and structure.


Stylish Art Deco bedroom featuring elegant step designs in decor

35. Curved Lines

Occasionally used to soften the geometric dominance and add a touch of fluidity.


Symmetrically designed Art Deco bedroom emphasizing balance and style

36. Mosaic Tiling

In decorative pieces or as a wall feature, creating intricate visual details.


Terrazzo flooring enhancing the elegance of an Art Deco bedroom

37. Potted Palms or Tropical Plants

To add a natural element and a sense of freshness to the room.


Vibrant Art Deco bedroom with classic zigzag patterns in textiles

38. Gatsby style Glamour

Accessories and decor that evoke the opulence and style of the Roaring Twenties, adding.


Vintage Art Deco bedroom with unique geometric lighting fixtures

Each of these elements contributes to the distinctive and luxurious feel of an Art Deco bedroom. More tips, trends, and transformations await you at our interior design blog.

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