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Article: 34 Stunning Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas


34 Stunning Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas

By Alan George


Imagine immersing yourself in the timeless elegance of a luxurious Victorian bathroom, where every detail exudes sophistication and refinement. The focal point of this stunning space is a magnificent, claw foot bathtub, its gleaming, porcelain surface inviting you to sink into a warm, bubble filled embrace. Surrounding the tub, you'll find an array of opulent features, from the intricate, marble tiled floor to the gleaming, brass fixtures, all illuminated by the soft, filtered light streaming through a stained glass window, creating an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation and indulgence that transports you to a world of Victorian era pampering and self care. To help you craft your perfect bathroom here are 34 unique elements that are often seen in Victorian style bathrooms.

Victorian Bathroom Ambiance Understated elegance in a Victorian bathroom

1. Clawfoot Bathtub

A classic feature in Victorian bathrooms, often made of cast iron and porcelain.


Victorian bathroom accessorized with era-inspired soap dispensers

2. Pedestal Sink

Elegantly designed to reflect the Victorian era's style.


Victorian bathroom adorned with framed period artwork

3. High Tank Toilet

With a pull chain, these toilets are characteristic of the period.


Victorian bathroom adorned with style-specific faucets and elegant porcelain

4. Victorian style Faucets

Often ornate, with porcelain and brass finishes.


Victorian bathroom ambiance set with romantic candle holders

5. Subway Tiles

Traditionally white, these tiles are a staple in Victorian bathrooms.


Victorian bathroom beautified with classic floral wallpaper

6. Hexagonal Floor Tiles

Often used to create intricate patterns on the floor.


Victorian bathroom cabinets enhanced with etched glass

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7. Stained Glass Windows

Adding color and privacy to the bathroom.


Victorian bathroom ceiling detail featuring a decorative medallion

8. Ornate Mirrors

Elaborately framed mirrors are a key decorative element.


Victorian bathroom completed with vintage towel rails in a brass design

9. Vintage Vanity

A piece of furniture often repurposed as a sink base, adding character.


Victorian bathroom decorated with timeless white subway tiles

10. Freestanding Wooden Cabinet

For storage, often with intricate carvings or detailing.


Victorian bathroom design with a traditional pedestal sink and brass faucets

11. Brass Fixtures

Including taps, showerheads, and handles, brass is a common material.


Victorian bathroom draped in patterned fabrics for windows and shower curtains

12. Wall Sconces

For lighting, often in brass or with glass shades.


Victorian bathroom elegance underlined by a ceiling-mounted chandelier

13. Chandelier

A touch of elegance with a ceiling mounted chandelier.


Victorian bathroom enhanced with classic brass fixtures

14. Picture Rails

To hang art or Victorian style decorations.


Victorian bathroom equipped with ornate porcelain soap dishes

15. Chair Rail Molding

For wall protection and decorative purposes.


Victorian bathroom featuring a classic clawfoot bathtub and ornate fixtures

16. Deep Colors

Rich, dark colors like maroon, navy, or forest green for walls or decor.


Victorian bathroom featuring chair rail molding for a decorative touch

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17. Floral Wallpaper

A common pattern in Victorian design.


Victorian bathroom featuring decorative crown molding for added elegance

18. Lace Curtains

For windows, offering privacy and a delicate touch.


Victorian bathroom floor characterized by intricate hexagonal tile patterns

19. Porcelain Soap Dishes

Often wall mounted and ornately designed.


Victorian bathroom floor decorated with a tassel bath mat

20. Towel Rails

Vintage or brass designs are commonly used.


Victorian bathroom furnished with an antique wooden stool or chair

21. Pull chain Flush

A distinct feature of Victorian era toilets.


Victorian bathroom heated by a traditionally designed cast iron radiator

22. Ceiling Medallion

Often surrounding the base of a chandelier.


Victorian bathroom lit by wall sconces with brass and glass shades

23. Decorative Cornicing

Elaborate plasterwork on the ceiling edges.


Victorian bathroom mirror, ornate and reflective of the era's grandeur

24. Victorian Radiator

Cast iron and often ornately designed.


Victorian bathroom privacy ensured by delicate lace curtains

25. Patterned Drapery

Heavy fabrics with patterns, for windows or shower curtains.


Victorian bathroom showcasing a high tank toilet with an authentic pull chain

26. Framed Victorian Art

Period artwork or botanical prints.


Victorian bathroom showcasing decorative cornicing along the ceiling edges

27. Tassel Bath Mat

Decorative and functional for the floor.


Victorian bathroom styled with a freestanding wooden cabinet with detailed carvings

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28. Antique Wooden Stool or Chair

For seating or holding bath items.


Victorian bathroom styled with vintage-inspired bath accessories

29. Victorian era Inspired Soap Dispensers

In porcelain or glass.


Victorian bathroom vanity, a vintage piece repurposed with charm

30. Over the Sink Shelf

Often made of wood or brass, for additional storage.


Victorian bathroom walls adorned with picture rails for art display

31. Etched Glass in Cabinets

For a decorative touch on storage units.


Victorian bathroom window accentuated with colorful stained glass

32. Decorative Crown Molding

Adds elegance and architectural interest.


Victorian bathroom with a pull-chain flush toilet, a nod to historical design

33. Vintage inspired Bath Accessories

Like toothbrush holders or cotton jars.


Victorian bathroom with deep maroon walls, embodying the era's rich color scheme

34. Candle Holders

For a romantic, old-world ambiance.


Victorian bathroom's over-the-sink shelf, a blend of wood or brass

Each of these elements contributes to the overall aesthetic of a Victorian-style bathroom, blending functionality with the ornate and elegant design characteristic of the era. Discover more inspiring ideas for your home, check out our interior design blog.

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