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Article: An Essential Guide Into The Color Palette of Boho Interior Design


An Essential Guide Into The Color Palette of Boho Interior Design

By Alan George


If you're drawn to the carefree, artistic, and eclectic essence of bohemian style, you'll find endless inspiration in the vibrant and earthy hues that define this aesthetic. Boho color palettes are a delightful fusion of warm, rich tones and soothing, nature-inspired shades. Picture the golden glow of the sun, the deep oranges of a desert sunset, and the lush greens of a tropical oasis. These colors effortlessly blend together, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that captures the free spirited charm of the bohemian lifestyle.


Boho bathroom elegance featuring a clawfoot tub and subway tiles

Primary Colors

Primary colors in a boho palette typically include earthy, natural tones. These are the colors that form the basis of the space, setting a warm, welcoming backdrop for layering with more vibrant hues.


Warm earthy tones dominate this moodboard, providing a rich and fertile groundwork for eclectic and vibrant boho decor accents

Warm Earth Tones

Such as terracotta, camel, or warm beige.

A rich array of warm earthy tones, carefully selected to create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere in bohemian interiors

Rich Browns

Deep chocolate or sienna provide a grounding effect.

Moodboard featuring a spectrum of rich browns, from deep espresso to warm walnut, ideal for grounding boho interior projects

Creamy Whites

Off-white or ivory rather than stark white, adding softness and warmth.

The moodboard illustrates the versatility of creamy whites in bohemian design, offering a canvas for colorful accents and textures

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are used to complement the primary palette, adding depth and interest. These are often more saturated than the primary colors but still maintain a sense of harmony with the earthy base.

Inspired by the hues of a desert at dusk, this moodboard combines mustard, terracotta, and blush tones for a captivating boho palette

Saturated Hues

Including jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red.

Saturated hues of jewel tones create a striking moodboard, perfect for adding depth and energy to boho chic spaces

Desert Shades

Mustard yellow, burnt orange, and dusty pink add a pop of color while keeping the earthy vibe.

Earthy tones of the desert, including terracotta and soft pinks, come together in this moodboard to inspire a natural boho chic space

Accent Colors

Accent colors in a boho palette are typically used sparingly, in decorative elements like throw pillows, artwork, or decorative objects. These can be brighter or more metallic, offering a contrast to the more subdued primary and secondary colors.


Collection of vibrant accents in a moodboard, demonstrating how to infuse boho spaces with lively colors


Gold, silver, and bronze accents add a touch of luxury and sparkle.

Rich metallic tones are woven into the fabric of this bohemian design moodboard, adding a sophisticated edge to eclectic decor

Vibrant Accents

Bright turquoise, magenta, or lime green can be used to inject energy into the space.

Moodboard displaying a mix of vibrant accents, perfect for adding a bohemian flair to modern interior designs

Deep Purples and Pinks

As accent spots that tie the richer tones together with the earthy base.

An elegant array of purples and pinks, highlighting the luxurious depth these colors bring to bohemian decor

How to apply the bohemian color palette


In the living room start with a neutral base, such as warm beige or soft terracotta, to set a warm and inviting tone.

Bohemian living room that feels like a personal sanctuary with lush plants and soft lighting


Choose furniture in rich browns or camel, accented with throw pillows in saturated hues (emerald green, sapphire blue) and vibrant accents (bright turquoise, magenta).

Boho living room with a rich color palette and an eclectic mix of decor


Add rugs, curtains, and decorative items in earth tones, with metallic accents like gold or bronze for a touch of glamour.

Bohemian living room that feels like a personal sanctuary with lush plants and soft lighting


In the bedroom consider an accent wall in a deep jewel tone, complemented by the remaining walls in creamy whites or soft terracotta.

Boho bedroom fusion with modern and traditional elements in harmony


Use bedding in desert shades (mustard yellow, burnt orange) and layer with throw pillows in vibrant accents or metallics for contrast.

Bohemian bedroom with a mix of cultural decor and comfortable bedding


Install warm, ambient lighting with lampshades in earthy tones or saturated hues to enhance the boho vibe.

Boho bedroom comfort with plush area rug and soft hanging lanterns

Walls and Tiles

In the bathroom opt for tiles in warm earth tones or with patterns incorporating desert shades.

Chic boho bathroom with wicker baskets and geometric mirrors


Choose fixtures and hardware in metallic finishes (gold, silver, bronze) to add luxury.

Contemporary boho bathroom with concrete elements and minimalistic design


Accent with towels and decor in vibrant accents or softer desert shades to tie the look together.

Boho bathroom heaven with soft textures and eclectic accessories


Paint the hallway in a welcoming desert shade like dusty pink or mustard yellow, creating a bright and inviting entry.

Boho Hallway featuring intricate macrame wall hangings for a textured look

Art and Decor

Use artwork and decor pieces in a mix of earthy tones, saturated hues, and vibrant accents to add interest and depth.

Boho Hallway accented with embroidered or tasseled cushions for a detailed look


A small console table in rich brown or terracotta can serve as a base for decorative items in metallic finishes or vibrant colors.

Boho Hallway decorated with lush plants in wicker baskets for a fresh, green touch

Cabinetry and Walls

In the kitchen keep cabinetry in neutral earth tones, with walls in a soft, warm color to create a soothing backdrop.

a Handmade macramé wall hangings adding texture to a modern boho kitchen decor


Introduce a backsplash in desert shades or with colorful patterns that include vibrant accents.

Cozy modern boho kitchen with window treatments offering light and privacy


Use kitchen accessories and textiles in saturated hues or with metallic details to add pops of color and interest.

Essential items for crafting a modern boho kitchen with a blend of natural and colorful elements

Table Setting

In the dining room dress the table with linens in deep purples, pinks, or vibrant accents, complemented by dinnerware that matches or contrasts attractively.

Beaded decor creating unique focal points in a modern boho dining room


A statement lighting fixture with metallic elements can anchor the room, while candles or lanterns in jewel tones add warmth and ambiance.

Boho dining room with modern flair featuring eclectic decor and vibrant textures


Incorporate wall art, curtains, and a rug that weave together the primary, secondary, and accent colors for a cohesive boho theme.

Global-inspired fabrics enhancing the eclectic vibe of a modern boho dining room

Tips and Best Practices

1. Start with a Neutral Base

Begin with earthy, neutral tones for walls and large furniture pieces. This creates a versatile canvas, allowing for easier updates or changes in accent colors.

Boho chic living room ideas with an emphasis on comfort and personal expression

2. Layer with Depth

Incorporate secondary colors through medium-sized items like rugs, curtains, and secondary furniture pieces. These can be more saturated and serve as a bridge between the neutral base and vibrant accents.

Boho bedroom allure with tribal-inspired prints and bamboo shades

3. Add Personality with Accents

Use vibrant accent colors for smaller decor items, throw pillows, and art. These can easily be changed out according to season or trend without overwhelming the space.

Relaxed Boho bedroom with neutral tones and simple decor

4. Mix Textures and Patterns

Boho style thrives on a mix of textures and patterns. Combine different materials (wool, silk, velvet) and patterns (floral, geometric, tribal) within your color scheme to add depth and interest.

Boho Hallway enhanced with woven wall baskets, adding depth and interest 
Incorporating Seasonal Trends

1. Stay True to Boho Roots

Even when incorporating seasonal colors or trends, keep the core of your palette grounded in timeless boho elements—earthy tones, saturated hues, and metallic accents.

Boho Hallway showcasing handmade pottery and ceramics as unique decor pieces

2. Update with Accessories

Seasonal trends can be reflected in accessories, textiles, and art. Swap out these items to refresh your space without committing to a full redesign.

A mix of metal, wood, textile, and glass elements in a modern boho dining room

3. Use Plants as Accents

Greenery is a vital part of boho decor. Use seasonal plants or floral arrangements to bring fresh colors and life into every room.

Boho farmhouse bathroom with wooden vanity and rustic elements

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

1. Overcrowding with Color

While boho style embraces color, using too many vibrant colors without enough neutral space can create a cluttered feel. Balance is key.

Boho bathroom elegance featuring a clawfoot tub and subway tiles

2. Ignoring Lighting

The way colors look can drastically change under different lighting. Test paint and fabric swatches under natural and artificial light in your space to ensure they work harmoniously.

Bohemian living room that celebrates cultural diversity through its decor

3. Forgetting Cohesion

Each room can have its own personality but should feel connected to the rest of the home. Carry one or two consistent colors or motifs throughout the spaces to achieve a cohesive look.

Creative bohemian living room decor ideas with tapestries and handmade items

4. Over Reliance on Trends

While it's tempting to adopt every new trend, focus on what truly resonates with your personal style. Trends come and go, but your home should always feel like a reflection of you.

a Eye-catching pendant lighting fixtures as focal points in a modern boho kitchen

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