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Article: Unlocking The Secrets of Art Deco Color


Unlocking The Secrets of Art Deco Color

By Alan George


Picture this, a journey that marries the timeless elegance of Art Deco with a kaleidoscope of colors, transforming your space into a living masterpiece. What if I told you that the key to elevating your home's vibe was right at your fingertips? From the luxurious allure of Art Deco to the vibrant life force that color brings into our homes, it's all within your reach. And the best news? Embarking on this design journey doesn't require any secret spells, just a hearty dose of curiosity and a splash of creativity.


Terrazzo flooring in an Art Deco living room, blending marble and glass for a unique look

Primary Colors

Primary colors in Art Deco are foundational, setting the tone for the overall aesthetic. These colors are often used generously in spaces and pieces to create a strong visual impact.


An inspiring blend of gold tones, carefully curated to add a touch of opulence and warmth to interior decor, from shimmering highlights to refined golden undertones


Symbolizing elegance and sophistication.


This collection presents black in its many textures and finishes, from sleek glossy surfaces to rich velvety fabrics, inspiring a modern and luxurious ambiance


Representing luxury and glamour.


An exquisite moodboard showcasing the allure of gold, blending antique, rose, and metallic hues for a refined and majestic interior inspiration


Offering a modern, sleek look.


A captivating silver color palette moodboard, highlighting the cool elegance of silver in various textures and finishes for modern decor

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors complement the primary palette, adding depth and interest. These are used in combination with primary colors to enhance the Art Deco style's dynamic appearance.


A moodboard that encapsulates the luxurious essence of emerald, blending deep jewel tones with lighter shades to create an opulent and vibrant interior palette

Deep Red

Evokes a sense of power and passion.


The moodboard presents a curated selection of red tones, designed to spark creativity and bring a sense of warmth and vitality to interior design projects

Navy Blue

Brings in stability and depth.


The moodboard showcases a spectrum of navy blue shades, designed to evoke a sense of calm and sophistication in interior design, from casual to formal settings

Emerald Green

Symbolizes wealth and refinement.


This collection showcases the elegance of emerald green, combining glossy finishes with rich, velvety textures to inspire a regal and comforting interior ambiance

Accent Colors

Accent colors are used sparingly to highlight and accentuate details. These colors add pops of brightness and draw attention to specific elements.


This moodboard brings together a soft and vibrant range of pink shades, offering inspiration for spaces that are both comforting and energized

Bright Yellow

Adds vibrancy and energy.


Vibrant yellow color palette moodboard, showcasing variations from pale daffodil to rich mustard, perfect for a lively and inviting space


Offers a touch of sophistication and uniqueness.


A sophisticated moodboard featuring a range of teal shades, from deep oceanic hues to light aquamarine, for a refreshing interior design palette


Softens the overall look and adds a playful touch.


An enchanting moodboard showcasing a spectrum of pink, highlighting the versatility and warmth of the color in creative design

How to apply the Art Deco color palette

Furniture Selection

In the living room opt for pieces with geometric shapes and clean lines, accented with luxurious materials like velvet or leather.


Art Deco home design with a living room that perfectly captures the era's iconic aesthetic

Decorative Accents

Use metallic finishes on mirrors, picture frames, and decorative objects to add a touch of glamour.


Art Deco living room with inlaid ivory or bone details for an opulent touch

Bedding and Textiles

In the bedroom choose luxurious fabrics with bold patterns or textures that evoke the Art Deco era.


High gloss painted walls in a sleek and modern Art Deco bedroom

Lighting Fixtures

Select statement lighting that combines function with Art Deco-inspired design, such as geometric shapes or glass elements.


Art Deco bedroom with Hollywood glamour influences for a luxe look

Fixtures and Hardware

In the bathroom install fixtures with a polished finish, and consider designs that reflect the geometric and streamlined aesthetic of Art Deco.


Art Deco bathroom featuring authentic 1920s tile ideas that add historical charm to the space

Wall and Floor Tiles

Use tiles that feature bold patterns or classic Art Deco motifs to create visual interest.


Art Deco bathroom tiles displaying elegant geometric patterns for a timeless style

Wall Decor

In the hallway hang artwork or mirrors framed in geometric patterns or with sleek, metallic frames.


Sophisticated Art Deco hallway with marble accents and leather detailed furniture


Incorporate ceiling or wall lights that offer a nod to the Art Deco period through shape and material.


a Warmly lit Art Deco hallway with layered lighting fixtures and frosted glass elements

Cabinetry and Hardware

Design the kitchen with simplicity and symmetry in mind, complemented by luxurious hardware in polished finishes.


a Art Deco kitchen revival with custom art pieces and chrome accents for a personalized touch

Backsplash and Countertops

Choose materials and patterns that reflect the Art Deco style, such as marble or geometric tiles.


Art Deco kitchen decor with ornamental details and glass cabinets showcasing fine glassware

Table Setting

Create a sophisticated dining experience with tableware that showcases bold lines and metallic accents.


Art Deco Symmetrical Art Deco dining setup with balanced furniture arrangement

Art and Accessories

Decorate with pieces that capture the Art Deco essence, focusing on symmetry, bold forms, and elegant materials.


Seamlessly integrated technology in a stylish Art Deco dining setup

Tips and Best Practices

1. Balance and Contrast

Ensure a balance between warm and cool tones. Use primary colors for grounding, secondary colors for depth, and accent colors for highlights.


Art Deco bathroom design that is elegant and inviting, capturing the charm of the period

2. Seasonal Trends vs. Timelessness

While it's tempting to follow seasonal color trends, focus on timeless hues in primary and secondary choices, using accent colors to nod to current trends. This approach allows for easy updates without a complete overhaul.


Art Deco bedroom with tiered structures in furniture and accent pieces

3. Common Pitfalls

A common mistake is overusing bold colors, leading to a visually overwhelming space. To avoid this, limit the use of bold primary colors to one or two elements per room.


Art Deco living room with marquetry details and lacquer boxes for a refined atmosphere

4. Cohesion

Ensure a cohesive flow throughout the home by carrying one or two colors from the palette into each room, whether as a primary, secondary, or accent color. This creates a sense of unity without sacrificing each room's unique character.


Cocktail cabinets in an Art Deco living room, reflecting the social culture of the 1930s

5. Sample Before Committing

Always test paint colors and fabric swatches in the intended space before making final decisions. Lighting and surrounding elements can significantly impact how a color appears.


Art Deco bedroom combining contrasting textures for a dynamic look

By carefully selecting and pairing colors with these tips in mind, you can create a harmonious and timeless home environment that gracefully incorporates the luxurious essence of Art Deco while remaining adaptable to changing trends.

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